Honor Your Time + Capacity with Coach Gretta Scholten

Productivity. Time commitments. Fully booked schedules. Staying on track. Getting it all done.

Some or all of these things often accompany our ideas around time management. But today’s guest, Gretta Scholten, time management coach for women, will have you radically changing how you view your to-do list and its place in your life + business.

You won’t want to miss this one!

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What You Should Know Before Hiring a Team

In this episode, we discuss some of the preparations you should make before taking on help. First and foremost, you need to understand and own your new role. Then you must develop comprehensive procedures you can easily teach. On top of those fundamentals, your trust has to be extended, and your vision and energy imparted. It will be a challenge, but with proper preparation the transition can be much smoother.

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Reframing Negative Experiences

In this episode, Kacey and I (Suzanne) discuss how to reframe negative experiences. Kacey shares how this concept so closely parallels successful marketing and provides insights that apply to many business situations. When you can see every experience as an opportunity for growth and redirection, you and your business will thrive.

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Ending Niche Drama with Veronique Vaillancourt

Kacey and I (Suzanne) talk with Veronique Vaillancourt, who is a Niche Life Coach and psychotherapist. She helps other life coaches recognize their unique gifts and abilities, and then hone those into a specific coaching niche. If you’ve struggled even a little bit to settle into your place, your niche in the coaching world, you won’t want to miss a moment!

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Changing Toxic Thoughts for Success with Katherine Rapkoch

In this episode, Kacey and I (Suzanne) talk with Burnout Coach, Katherine (Katie) Rapkoch all about learning to slow down and reverse toxic thoughts. We discuss how we all tend to be hyper aware of the flaws and achieving, rather than the beauty in our lives. But rewriting those thoughts by slowing down and allowing self-compassion can bring renewal, peace, and success both internally and externally.

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Human Design and the Energy of Your Business

In this episode, Kasey and I define what human design is, and how it can energize your business and reduce frustrations. To help demonstrate the concept, Kacey tells about her recent experience with having her design read for her. She also shares how it has impacted her business and life in positive ways. Together we discuss how knowing your human design changes your approach to life and energizes your business.

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Choosing Gratitude over the Grind

Gratitude challenges our conditioning to constantly move our goalposts and stops us from short-changing ourselves. When we sit with what we’ve already accomplished, rather than rushing to the next thing, we choose gratitude over the grind. In this episode, Kacey and I (Suzanne) discuss what it means to look back in gratitude and share what we’re personally thankful for. We heartily encourage all of you to do the same! 

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The Professionalism Myth

It’s time to discuss the P word: Professionalism. We’re conditioned to believe professionalism is not only desirable but preferred. However, the very guise of professionalism is often a myth. Both a help and a hindrance, if not handled properly, striving to appear “professional” can lead to some very unhealthy tendencies. 

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How To Sign Every Client

Frustrated by talking to a lot of clients but signing very few? You are likely forgetting a crucial fact: It’s NEVER about you. You may be thinking this is obvious. Of course your business is all about your clients. So why aren’t you convincing people to work with you? Aha! That might be the core of your problem.

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