Challenging the Supposed Tos in Business – and Life

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Joining me again today is Kacey Hayes, content creation expert at LevelUp Co., and we’re pulling back the curtain on the business behind the podcast. Or at least, the people running the business behind the podcast. 

We’re challenging all the things we’ve been told we’re “supposed to” be doing to create success in our businesses. For example, showing up all over social media, working long hours to be worthy of your success, or maintaining a huge email list just because you’re supposed to? Big fat nope. 

It’s so easy to blame external factors about how we think we are supposed to show up in business. But Kacey and I have a theory. We think that a lot of it has to do with the conversations we have with ourselves internally. Especially important are the energies we hold in our bodies.

Ultimately, YOU have the power and ability to choose what to believe about yourself and your business, and let that inform the actions you take.

If you:

  • Started your coaching business to make an impact, but you feel drained instead;
  • Don’t realize you have the freedom to opt out of hustle culture and mainstream biz advice, or
  • Feel unfulfilled in your business but don’t know why, 

then this episode is for you! Join us for this important conversation, and consider how to apply these concepts in your own life and business.