Changing Toxic Thoughts for Success with Katherine Rapkoch

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Finding self-love and peace in where you are can be a challenge. As women, especially, we often tie our worth to our achievements. This can result in toxic thoughts that plague us and freeze us in one place. That can then become exacerbated by “positive” or “motivational” thoughts that aren’t actually positive for our current situation or internal thought-process.

In this episode, Kacey and I (Suzanne) talk with Burnout Coach, Katherine (Katie) Rapkoch all about learning to slow down and reverse toxic thoughts. We discuss how we all tend to be hyper aware of the flaws and achieving, rather than the beauty in our lives. But rewriting those thoughts by slowing down and allowing self-compassion can bring renewal, peace, and success both internally and externally. 

Don’t miss Katie’s January 23rd workshop, “New Year, New Phone – Who Dis?” at 10am MST; you can get all the details in Katie’s Instagram bio, @katierapkoch.

“It’s the way we look at ourselves, as human beings in that we say… ‘I have to do something in order to be a worthy or a significant human being’... We put so much pressure on ourselves to accomplish all of these things… [and] this isn’t an individual problem… This is all these bigger issues saying ‘You have to accomplish all these things to be worthy’. This is our parents’ generation saying, ‘You can accomplish anything, so you should accomplish anything.’.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Properly framing mindset
    • Be realistic about resources
    • Recognize bandwidth
    • Acknowledge circumstances
    • Lean into the gray area
  • Pressured to look successful
    • Tying self-worth to the appearance of success
    • Cultural pressure
    • You do not have to prove yourself to anyone
  • Repressing truthful vibes and emotions
    • It’s okay to not be okay
    • Take a mental health (aka a bed) day
  • Book recommendations

Bring the energy of abundance, positivity, and belief. That’s how you LevelUp!

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Connect with Burnout Coach, Katherine Rapkoch

Katherine (Katie) Rapkoch is a Burnout Coach who emphasizes de-emphasizing societal expectations of success. She encourages all to go deeper to examine the external pressures that become internal pressures. By doing so, Katie helps people reframe the cultural definitions of success, resulting in a proper level of self-compassion, self-worth and personal value. | @katierapkoch

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