Choosing Gratitude over the Grind

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With the new year coming, it’s normal to look forward, to focus on business changes and goals we want to make. But what about looking backwards to gain proper perspective to look forward? Year-end is the perfect time to fully rest, reflect, and then reset. And to do so well is where gratitude comes in.

Gratitude challenges our conditioning to constantly move our goalposts and stops us from short-changing ourselves. When we sit with what we’ve already accomplished, rather than rushing to the next thing, we choose gratitude over the grind. In this episode, Kacey and I (Suzanne) discuss what it means to look back in gratitude and share what we’re personally thankful for. We heartily encourage all of you to do the same! 

What You’ll Learn 

  • Looking back: Sitting in your accomplishments
    • Push aside the temptation and conditioning to move the goalposts
    • Sit with your accomplishments
    • Failure to acknowledge your achievements results in feeling that you have nothing
    • Redefine business growth
  • Slowing down to be truly grateful is part of growth
    • Self-change affects everything
    • Gratitude fuels openness, authenticity, love and readiness for the next level

Bring the energy of abundance, positivity, and belief. That’s how you LevelUp!

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