Client-Focused Scaling

Today, I’m talking about the one thing that no matter how slow you grow, or how many new skills you need to learn, or how many times you doubt yourself, if you keep this one thing in mind, you won’t fail.

So, what’s the one thing? It’s staying focused on providing your clients with the best experience possible. I call it client-focused scaling, and it will make or break you.

When companies experience fast growth, they often shift focus on handling the growth (i.e., processes and procedures) and not their customers. The client experience tends to fall by the wayside, and if not addressed, people leave in droves. Even worse, they spread negative word of mouth.

That’s why it’s wise to properly manage your growth. Make sure you’re not overpromising or selling a service or outcome that your growth no longer supports. Make sure you check in with yourself and your business often. Analyze as many client relationships and experiences as possible. Ask for consistent feedback.

If you approach scaling this way, then you guarantee your success.