Competition Doesn’t Exist

If you’ve been through business school (and even if you haven’t), you’ve heard the overarching message from society and the business world at large: if you don’t want to miss out or get left behind, you have to compete with others in your industry. I don’t see it that way. Business is like a community – particularly in the female entrepreneurship industry.

Getting on calls with potential clients, I don’t think about my competition. I consider the client’s needs. First, I use a lens of service. My purpose is to help clients solve their problems. Am I the right person for that role? Then I use a lens of matching. Is the potential client a match for my business and are my skills a match for their requirements? I answer these questions honestly, because I know that if we’re not a fit – it’s not a problem! There’s plenty of opportunity out there for us both.

Today, I’m sharing what I believe about competition. Namely, that I don’t believe in it. Surprising coming from a woman in business? It shouldn’t be. I value an abundance mindset that attunes to the truth: there is enough for everyone, and we are better together. When you leave behind the scarcity mindset of competition, it becomes effortless for clients to find you and the options in your business expand naturally.