Ditch The Contract

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Contracts for service agreements. Should you have them? Are they worth the hassle? 

In my opinion, no. Personally, I (Suzanne) discovered when I did use them that few of my clients signed them anyway. Kacey, coming from the freelance world, has had mixed experiences with them as well. In this episode, she and I discuss our opinions about signing contracts with clients. We talk about how they can potentially lock you continuing in a direction (with a client) you’re no longer aligned with, why you should be choosy, how they won’t fix the root of distrust, and much more. 

DISCLAIMER: The information discussed and opinions given on this podcast are in no way legal advice and should not be taken as such. The ideas shared are based on personal experience and should be viewed as opinion and observation only.

What You’ll Learn

  • Contracts can trap you
    • Avoid creating false realities
    • Don’t get tempted by guaranteed income
  • Click into someone’s vibe and be choosy 
    • Trust is key, use your intuition
    •  A contract won’t fix distrust
  • Is there actually something you’d go to battle for? 
    • It is likely not worth it to hold someone to a contract
    • When a simple, general contract might be worth having
  • Assess your feelings about contracts
    • Is there a legitimate reason you need protection or is it only insecurity?
    • The arbitrariness of appearing “more professional”
    • Ask yourself why
  • Contracts can just be distractions 
    • Everything has a time and place
    • Do what’s right
    • Stay aligned, show up

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