How to Live Your Values In Your Business

I used to think company value statements were just words – until I had my own business and started growing with a team. That’s when I realized how in-touch with my values I needed to be in order to make sound business decisions.

In this podcast episode, I’m joined by my first LevelUp Co. team member, Kacey Hayes. Our values have been closely aligned since day one, and it makes for a great conversation I’m excited to share with you.

As you’ll hear, Kacey and I discuss a number of topics under the umbrella of values in business, like how to define your values, how to consider what they really mean for your business, and how values become more than words. We go into lessons learned about ourselves, intuitive guidance, and how starting a business has proven to be one of life’s greatest teachers. It’s a good one!


Kacey is an entrepreneur in content and virtual support. She offers content strategy and creation to coaches and creative business owners looking to connect authentically while scaling their businesses. Visit her website at or follow along on Instagram at @kaceyhhayes.