How To Sign Every Client

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Frustrated by talking to a lot of clients but signing very few? You are likely forgetting a crucial fact: It’s NEVER about you. You may be thinking this is obvious. Of course your business is all about your clients. So why aren’t you convincing people to work with you? Aha! That might be the core of your problem.

If you’re trying to convince people… maybe even trying to convince yourself… You’re missing your true target potential client: those that already need you. In this episode, Kacey and I (Suzanne), talk about how to present your services to the right potential clients, in the right way. With this approach, you may just be able to sign every single client you talk to!

What You’ll Learn 

  • It’s NEVER about you 
    • Are you talking too much about yourself?
    • Are you writing to yourself?
    • Are you trying to be convincing?
  • How to write to your ideal client 
    • Rewind and think back over your journey
    • Be personal and specific 
    • Avoid using coaching jargon
    • Resonate and focus on the result
  • Meet potential clients at the beginning of their journey 
    • Talk to another who is living where you were
    • Revisit emotions and thoughts
    • Make it 100% about them 
  • No might be just Not Ready 
    • Banish convincing energy
    • Never promise what is really up to the client
    • Nurture warm leads
    • Love on your lurkers 
    • Show people they are ready to work with you
  • Give the facts  
    • Be positive and powerful 
    • Speak to people where they are

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