Human Design and the Energy of Your Business

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Human design affects how you grow your business and how you work in it day in and day out. I (Suzanne) believe that crafting your business around this concept can create energy and success you might not otherwise have.

In this episode, Kasey and I define what human design is, and how it can energize your business and reduce frustrations. To help demonstrate the concept, Kacey tells about her recent experience with having her design read for her. She also shares how it has impacted her business and life in positive ways. Together we discuss how knowing your human design changes your approach to life and energizes your business.

What You’ll Learn 

  • What exactly is human design? 
    • Kacey’s recent experience
    • Some of what goes into it 
  • How it makes you think differently 
    • Shows inconsistencies but defines them as neutral
    • Restructures how you approach business and life
    • Goes against expectations
    • Gives understanding about the flow of energy
    • Redefines how you view things
  • Applying it to your business 
    • Some things are actually just neutral
    • Properly define: Not good, not bad
    • Align with what works for you, not what works for others
    • Flow fosters energy, creativity and higher value for clients
    • Identify the energy of your business
    • Be accountable to your energy, that’s what is amplified

Bring the energy of abundance, positivity, and belief. That’s how you LevelUp!

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