Mindfully Open for Business

Sometimes we feel like there is only one way to run a business. We think that we have to follow the “norms” and do everything the traditional way.

But, the truth is we succeed in business when we are true to ourselves. When we share our unique skillsets and views with the world. Our impact and reach can be so far when we run a business that matches who we are.

Emily Fenger, the founder of Mindfully Home, is an excellent example of creating a business in real estate around who she is. Bringing her unique perspective on what it means to be home and buy a home into an industry that is usually very traditional.

Listen to how Emily is approaching real estate differently. Learn how you will be more successful when you trust yourself and bring YOU into your business.

Emily Fenger is putting the OM in home. Mindfully Home doesn’t just help you find your next physical home, but supports you and honors your journey to finding out what home mentally means to you.

Connect with Emily:

Web: http://emilyfenger.com/

Facebook: facebook.com/mindfullyhomerealestate

Instagram: mindfullyhome_

Email: emilyfenger@kw.com