Reframing Negative Experiences

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Nothing that happens in your business is technically negative. Some things are simply meant to be and shape where you are going. But very few things are actually a huge problem. When you can shift your thinking away from seeing things as nothing but a failure, you free yourself. 

In this episode, Kacey and I (Suzanne) discuss how to reframe negative experiences. Kacey shares how this concept so closely parallels successful marketing and provides insights that apply to many business situations. When you can see every experience as an opportunity for growth and redirection, you and your business will thrive.

What You’ll Learn 

  • How successful marketing parallels reframing negative business experiences

    • Release negative energy

    • The long, slow game that sets proper expectations

    • It’s a constant building process

    • Those that do the best see results as a lesson

  • Quit blaming and beating yourself up

    • Treat results as neutral

    • Stop blaming and wasting energy

    • Deeply examine and reflect: is it really bad? Or is there a positive here?

    • Learn and adjust

  • Focus on who you are serving

    • Step back and see what is part of your journey and put it to healthy use

    • Be okay with the truth that you won’t always know how to handle everything

    • Embrace the experiences of all the things

    • See opportunities, not burdens

Bring the energy of abundance, positivity, and belief. That’s how you LevelUp!

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