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Thoughts About Rest and Taking a Summer Break

We’re big advocates of everyone getting the rest they need – and that includes us!

It’s important to us to not only bring our unique brand of value to every episode, but to feel lit up and excited, in the inspirational “flow.”

So after this episode, we’ll be taking a summer break from recording the podcast.

This is an important episode to hear, because often we want to take a break or stop doing a certain thing, but we think our business or livelihood will suffer from it.

We also want to be perceived as “consistent,” and to keep showing up for our clients.

Give us a listen and reflect on how rest could look for you in your life and business.

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Arrival Fallacies, Intentions, and Goals

When you’re a goal-setter, it’s really easy to think life will completely change for the better once you reach said goal. But more often what actually happens is not the utopia you imagined. You achieve the goal, or “arrive,” and it doesn’t feel like enough. Today we’re talking about creating feelings ahead of time, building belief in your intentions, and recognizing when we’re hanging all our hopes on an arrival fallacy.

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Writing Content That Connects

At LevelUp Co., we’re often leaned on to write content on behalf of our clients. Whether you’re a new coach or you’ve been in the industry for a while, you already know that writing is a necessary part of marketing your business.

Listen in on our conversation to get simple, effective takeaways that’ll help you hone your writing skills and grow your community.

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What the Heck is Going On with Social Media?

We’re almost through the first quarter of the year, and before we even rolled into 2022, Instagram made it abundantly clear that they’d be rolling out another wave of changes to the platform (insert collective sigh here).

You’re probably wondering “What the heck happened? My content is just as valuable as it was before, but people either A) don’t seem to be seeing it, B) are seeing it but not interacting with it, or C) they ARE seeing and interacting with it, but my follower count and conversions have stalled out.”

Which just leaves the big question: What should you do when you’re being consistent with great content and not seeing a payoff?

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