The Perfect Storm: Perfection

As top-performing female entrepreneurs with high standards, there’s one common behavior I see in my clients, my team, and myself: the urge to be perfect.

Many of us have the thought that our past success came from producing perfect results. Once we have this thought, it starts a perfectionist cycle. We pressure ourselves to never make any mistakes. We spend too much time perfecting non-revenue generating tasks. We see any imperfection as evidence we’ve failed and spiral into analysis paralysis – then wonder why our business growth has flatlined.

In today’s episode, I’m discussing how you can start to phase out your perfectionist thinking. Your past success was not based on an unattainable standard of perfection, but by providing meaningful results to your clients. Ditching perfectionist thoughts frees you from fear of failure and allows you to show up for your clients in a spirit of service, ready to deliver the value only you can deliver.