The Professionalism Myth

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It’s time to discuss the P word: Professionalism. We’re conditioned to believe professionalism is not only desirable but preferred. However, the very guise of professionalism is often a myth. Both a help and a hindrance, if not handled properly, striving to appear “professional” can lead to some very unhealthy tendencies. 

While having professional standards and practices is wise and advised, recognizing the thoughts and feelings driving your choices is crucial. The mask of professionalism can be tempting to hide behind. It can become a shield to obscure what’s really going on in your business and your life. The ambiguous concept of professionalism can even drive you to strive for unrealistic appearances and standards, edging into perfectionism. In this episode of LevelUp, we unmask the professionalism myth and talk truth about the emotions and expectations surrounding it. 

What You’ll Learn

  • What image pops into your head when you hear the term “professional”? 
    • Are there certain outward markers such as clothing, rank or location?
  • Setting appropriate boundaries and properly defining professionalism
    • How is your concept of professionalism rooted in that image that comes to mind?
    • Recognizing that professionalism is not superficial
    • Respecting boundaries
  • Questions to ponder 
    • What were you taught about professionalism?
    • What does it mean to you? Where do you fall in that spectrum?
    • How are you redefining it and now owning that definition?
  • Defining for yourself 
    • What is enough for you?
    • Redefining professionalism through characteristics and respect
  • Removing the mask of professionalism 
    • Identify removed emotion and reality
    • Integrate your true self into your business; add more love
    • Foster genuine connection

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