Thoughts About Rest and Taking a Summer Break

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We’re big advocates of everyone getting the rest they need – and that includes us! It’s important to us to not only bring our unique brand of value to every episode, but to feel lit up and excited, in the inspirational “flow.”  

So after this episode, we’ll be taking a summer break from recording the podcast. Over the past year, we’ve spent a lot of intentional time and energy on unlearning hustle-y ways of thinking, and we realized lately we’ve been feeling the effects of being in go-go-go mode. 

This is an important episode to hear, because often we want to take a break or stop doing a certain thing, but we think our business or livelihood will suffer from it. We also want to be perceived as “consistent,” and to keep showing up for our clients. 

What nobody tells you is that consistency is defined by the individual – you. It takes a certain level of self-trust to go against the grain and rest instead of pushing through or forcing yourself through situations that probably aren’t serving you. 

Also: rest and continuing to show up are not mutually exclusive!

So give us a listen and reflect on how rest could look for you in your life and business. And we’ll see you in the fall! 

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