What You Want

Here’s a truth bomb for you: there’s no wrong way to run your business. In fact, to think there’s only one right way to do anything in your business is just mind drama.

Recently, I caught my thoughts stirring up some mind drama of their own by shoulding all over me: judging me about how I should be growing, how I should lead my team, and how I should serve my clients. These shoulding thoughts and the energy they created really started to hold me back from confidently running my company.

Then I was reminded of the gray area we live within as entrepreneurs. Instead of beating myself up for everything I thought I should be doing, I remembered how beautiful it is that different methods work for different people, and that I was free to do what I wanted to do.

Today, I’m sharing the one key question that reminded me to follow my instincts, and how you can do the same to take your business to the next level.