Why Branding Doesn’t Matter…and When It Does

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The heart of your business is about more than deciding on your brand colors, fonts, creating a logo, and having professional photos taken.

So much more.

So why do you spend all that time thinking about your website, tweaking your logo, and deciding which photo to share on social media?

Because so many of us start our businesses with no idea where to put our focus, so we hide behind our branding (plus, we think great branding lets our friends and family know we have a legit business).

I get it. I did the same thing in my first business. But in LevelUp Co., I did things differently, and it’s made a major impact for the better.

So in today’s episode, I’m sharing the hard-earned wisdom I’ve gained about when branding matters. I’ll go over how much branding focus is enough, the best time to go all in on your branding, and most importantly, how to show up authentically as the face of your brand. Remember: people buy from people.