Why You Are Not Landing Clients

Do you ever wonder why you are not landing clients? It might be because, to quote my business coach, you’ve been acting weird. Like sending emails that sound salesy and phony because you’re copying someone else’s strategies instead of creating your own. Sharing content that doesn’t resonate because you didn’t write it from a place of authenticity. Hosting Facebook groups that don’t foster connection because you aren’t willing to show up fully as you. As a result, you are not landing clients.

When we’re trying to be someone we’re not, we have no choice but to seem weird. And yet we’ve all been there – particularly when we’re new to business ownership. We desperately crave certainty. We want someone else to give us the one magic solution or strategy that we think will unlock the floodgates and let the clients come pouring in.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the key thing each of my successful clients does consistently. It’s not a magic template, but it is what keeps them fully booked and in-demand with people who want their unique experience and expertise. If you are not landing clients and want that to change, you can put this one thing to use in your own business and watch the results unfold.