Why You Need To Follow Your Intuition In Business

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Intuition, borne from your natural reactions to situations, can be very powerful. They can help you move forward in making a business decision or reassure you to go after an opportunity. Or they can steer you away from a wrong decision or guide you to a better alternative. But how can you know if your intuition is reliable? How can you differentiate a knee-jerk reaction of emotion from a wise inner prompting you ought to follow?

Because intuition plays both a frequent and important role in business, Kacey Hayes and I (Suzanne Dayton), explore the complexity of it in this episode. There are so many expectations and voices influencing what they believe you ought to do in your business that your own inner voice can be drowned out. But tuning into your instincts and following your gut can mean the difference between business growth or business decline.

What You’ll Learn

  • The power of following your intuition
    • Deviate from the expected norm
    • A real-life example from Kacey
  • How intuition should steer business decisions, especially marketing choices
    • Don’t do what is expected just because it’s expected
    • Give yourself permission to listen to your gut
  • Differentiating intuition from feelings, fear or uncertainty
    • Process your way, not someone else’s
    • Honestly sit with your concerns and emotions
  • Why there really are no mistakes in business
    • Guide decisions using your gut
    • The bigger vision intuition has in store for you

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