Writing Content That Connects

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At LevelUp Co., we’re often leaned on to write content on behalf of our clients. Whether you’re a new coach or you’ve been in the industry for a while, you already know that writing is a necessary part of marketing your business. Social media captions, email sequences, and media pitches each require specific skillsets to convey your message from a place of strength and value. 

Deciding to write your own content versus bringing on a marketing team to do it is up to you. But regardless of the route you choose to take, there are a few keys we want you to keep in mind to make sure you’re writing content that connects. 

In this episode, we’re talking about the importance of:

  • Writing what’s on your heart

  • Giving value over trying to convert

  • Storytelling and leaning into specifics

  • Trusting yourself to be the credible authority in your field

  • Remembering the know, like, trust journey

  • Understanding the difference between content writing and copywriting

  • When to use a CTA and when you might not want to (gasp)


Listen in on our conversation to get simple, effective takeaways that’ll help you hone your writing skills and build your community. 


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