You’re Enoughness: You Don’t Need Me

Today I wanted to talk about why you don’t need someone like me, a Virtual Executive Assistant or Virtual Assistant, in your business.

Yup, you don’t need me. Why?

Because you might not be ready to outsource…. yet. This comes up a lot for me and the women I speak with. People want to outsource things they feel is taking away from their ability to create more clients and money.

There are two main categories I explore with you in this episode to know you are ready to outsource. These categories include business guidelines for outsourcing AND enoughness.

And there is a time and place in every business to outsource. It will be slightly different for everyone. But there are some general guidelines I have put into place to ensure that I’m giving clients as much value as I possibly can. And I recommend you use these same guidelines so that when you are ready to outsource you also GET as much value as you possibly can.

So, at what point do you outsource? Listen to the episode this week to find out.