Virtual Executive Assistants & Online Business Management for Life Coaches

We are your strategic execution team so you can increase your revenue and impact in this world.

Let us support you.

You want to scale your business and impact more lives, but you know you can't do it alone.

You are celebrating the success of your life coaching business! 🎉

And while you are celebrating, you are also starting to realize that in order to scale this success you can’t do it alone.

You can’t keep waking up early to write social media posts and emails (what feels like) every day. 

And working 60+ hours a week trying to do everything yourself. 

You know you can’t keep wearing all of the hats – CEO, content creator, social media guru, online business manager, executive assistant, admin assistant, strategist, customer service representative, technology expert, HR… and the list goes on. 

You are here looking for a solution that doesn’t require you to hire 5-10 individuals AND manage them day to day.

All you really want is to work in your area of expertise and impact more lives— your time is limited and you need the support of a team.

You need: 

One main point of contact.

A strategic team.

Detail oriented team.

Thoughtful individuals.

High performing individuals who really care about your business.

A team that can run the day to day of your business AND help you plan for the future of the company.

This is exactly what LevelUp Co. does for multiple six figure life coaches and will do for you.

We are a high end, boutique Virtual Executive Assistant agency helping coaches take their businesses to the next level. 

Why boutique? Because it is important to us that you get a fully committed and thoughtful team. That means that we ensure team members are dedicated and present for you. We do this by:

  • Providing top support to our teams
  • Ensuring team members are not overworked or overwhelmed 
  • Compensating our team members well so we retain some of the top talent in the industry
  • Look for diversity of experience and background 
  • Only taking a limited number of clients at LevelUp Co. 
Once you have a highly skilled and strategic team, growing your business becomes easy and fun.

You will increase your impact, have more time, be more productive, and make more money.

When we support you as your strategic execution team you get a team that consists of an: 

Online Business Manager

Virtual Executive Assistant 

Content Creator

Our teams are highly skilled and detailed oriented. 

Within each of these roles we are responsible for daily task execution, team management, metrics, strategy recommendations, marketing support, repurposing of content, ghost writing, customer service, process improvement, establishing and updating standard operating producers, and launch support resulting in full service of day to day operations of your business. 

Hey there, I’m Suzanne

Masters of Business Administration & Owner of LevelUp Co.

If you want a strategic team of experts to grow your business, we are here to help.

When I went to business school, majored in Marketing, and then went on to get my Masters of Business Administration, I was taught that data drives everything. And how do you know what’s working and what’s not? You try it all. Consistently and constantly… over and over. 

And when you find what works, you stick to it. As you find success, you develop processes and procedures to keep that success going. The goal is to establish standard operating procedures and hand them off to a team to execute the day-to-day. This leaves you to be the CEO- create the company vision and deliver unprecedented value to your clients. 

With a team, this becomes seamless and easy. And with a team that brings a strategic partnership to your business, you can look at things strategically,  capitalize on the things that are working and test out new ideas without overloading yourself. 

Bringing on a team is the next step in scaling your business successfully. 

So you can be the CEO that scales the business to a million dollars and beyond.

Let's Work Together...

Virtual Executive Assistants & Content Creation Services for Life Coaches

If you need top level support to scale your business to the next level with strategic business partners (not just box checkers) this is for you.

Our team is made up of experts in the development and execution of marketing strategy, content creation, podcast and media pitches, business process set-up, and technology.

What Our Clients Say...

“Suzanne's excellence helps me be much more effective and strategic with my marketing to build my clientele...” 

“Having Suzanne on your team is the best decision you can make for your business! Suzanne understands how to make your marketing strategy successful, pays attention to all the details, and does everything she can to make executing your marketing strategy easy and effective! She cares about the success of my business as much as I do.

I love her encouragement, her expertise, her systems and processes, and her dedication to building and growing everything in my business. Suzanne’s excellence helps me be much more effective and strategic with my marketing to build my clientele and, best yet, it frees me up to be able to do my best work with those clients.”

— April Price (April Price Coaching)

“I knew I wanted to help in my business. I wanted someone to help me with my social media. I wanted to someone to help me with my email list and sending emails. I wanted someone to help me with strategic decisions I was coming across in my business as I grew. It was overwhelming trying to figure out who to hire and where to start.

And then I can came across Suzanne. The little details that were driving me crazy in social media were no big deal for her. Emails were set up and ready to go like a well oiled machine. But the biggest difference has been her partnership with strategic decision making.

Since hiring Suzanne, I ran my first 3 day free webinar,  became a fully booked coach, launched a membership, have an email funnel, and a freebie. It is because she has the insight and vision for what the next best step is and everything involved in actually doing it. If you are thinking you need help in your business and you have the opportunity work with Suzanne do not wait. It is the single best decision I have made for my business.” 

— Jessica Klasnick (Jessica Klasnick Coaching)

“Since hiring Suzanne, I ran my first 3 day free webinar,  became a fully booked coach, launched a membership, have an email funnel, and a freebie.” 
“She is an essential for me to run my business.” 

“Suzanne and LevelUp Co is incredible. Having her assist me in my business has taken SO MUCH stress off of me. She handles everything, often even before I know it needs to be handled. She is a mind reader, a problem solver, and a time weaver. She is an essential for me to run my business. I don’t know what I did without her.”

— Veronique Vaillancourt (My Perfect Niche)

You don’t have to keep trying to do this alone or with the wrong team.
We care as much as you do.
Let us help.

If you are ready to increase your impact and make more money with a an expert support team that is strategically looking at your business, then book a call with me.