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Virtual Executive Assistants helping coaches grow their businesses. Not just box checkers, but strategic business partners saving you time, and increasing your productivity, so you can make more money.

Let us help you.

You want to impact more lives, but you know you can't do it alone any longer.

You are waking up early to write social media posts and emails (what feels like) every day. 

Every week you feel drained from working 50+ hours a week trying to do everything. 

You think this is “just how it is” when it comes to constantly showing up and running a business. 

There seems to be no end to the hamster wheel of content creation, emails, launching, outreach, and daily tasks that are exhausting. 

All you really want is to impact more lives—but your time is limited and you need help.


Maybe you have tried to hire a team before, but felt like it was more work to come up with a to-do list every week. 

And your old virtual assistant didn’t proactively and strategically look at how your business was performing, instead just checked off the to-do list. 

Worst of all, you can’t seem to find a Virtual Assistant team that loves your business and cares about your success as much as you do. 

I want you to know something…
hiring a team doesn’t have to be or feel this way.

The problem is you have been looking for an assistant, not an executive team of experts across skill sets to help you take your business to the next level.

And when you realize that you need a skilled team supporting your business, not just one assistant, then the solution is simple. 

You don’t have to do EVERYTHING in your business yourself or with just one other person. 

You just need a strategic, skilled team that loves your business and cares about your success as much as you do so you can reach more people and make more money. 

We can help you do exactly this.

Once you have a highly skilled and strategic team, growing your business becomes easy and fun.

You will increase your impact, have more time, be more productive, and make more money.

You don’t have to worry about the day to day anymore, but can focus on changing lives and making executive decisions in your business. 

The only thing you need is a team supporting you that is strategic, highly skilled, and dedicated to your success.

Hey there, I’m Suzanne

A Marketing Strategist, Virtual Executive Assistant, and Founder of LevelUp Co.

If you want a strategic team of experts to grow your business, we are here to help.

I was also taught the “burn-out” one-woman show method…

When I went to business school, majored in Marketing, and then went on to get my Masters of Business Administration, I was taught that data drives everything. And how do you know what’s working and what’s not? You try it all. Consistently and constantly… over and over. 

So when I launched my first business I did all the things—go live, write 5 posts a week, engage on social media every day for an hour, guest on podcasts, write a weekly blog, scheduled coffee chats, built a funnel—you name it and I was doing it. Oh yeah, I was also a mom with two kids under five, a supportive wife, and a full time Executive Assistant.

The result? I resented my business, I was burnt out and eventually I fell out of love with that business. 

But then I learned that there was another way to approach business that not only made me more money, but was easy, GAVE me energy and time back. 

It was looking at things strategically,  capitalizing on the things I was already doing that worked and tested out one new thing at a time. But, it also involved a skilled team to help take care of the day in and day out tasks.

So I started implementing this technique with my clients as well. 

I brought together a highly skilled, strategic team.

  • An excellent writer for podcast, media pitches, and content creation. Who is also amazing at reels and has the most creative brain! 
  • A couple of outstanding creatives that can recreate our clients voices, repurpose old content, and create eye-catching and engaging new content. 
  • Team members that are technology gurus to figure out all the things funnels, automation, and different website platforms we have to work with. 

And then I top it off with my personalized strategy sessions and insight reports that really help our clients refocus their attention and money on what is working, not wasting time on what’s not. 

Together our team allows you to expand your capacity and reach deliberately and in less time. We help amplify your voice so you can have the impact you are meant to in this world.

Let's Work Together...

Marketing and Virtual Executive Assistant Services for Coaches

If you need top level support to scale your business to the next level with strategic business partners (not just box checkers) this is for you.

Our team is made up of experts in the development and execution of marketing strategy, content creation, podcast and media pitches, business process set-up, and technology.

Virtual Executive Assistant Coaching & Internship Program

LevelUp Co. knows that nothing can replace hands-on experience. When you are launching your virtual assistant business, gaining the experience and confidence you need to create a profitable business is so important. And having a mentor and coach to give you the path to success is invaluable.

What Our Clients Say...

“Suzanne's excellence helps me be much more effective and strategic with my marketing to build my clientele...” 

“Having Suzanne on your team is the best decision you can make for your business! Suzanne understands how to make your marketing strategy successful, pays attention to all the details, and does everything she can to make executing your marketing strategy easy and effective! She cares about the success of my business as much as I do.

I love her encouragement, her expertise, her systems and processes, and her dedication to building and growing everything in my business. Suzanne’s excellence helps me be much more effective and strategic with my marketing to build my clientele and, best yet, it frees me up to be able to do my best work with those clients.”

— April Price (April Price Coaching)

“I knew I wanted to help in my business. I wanted someone to help me with my social media. I wanted to someone to help me with my email list and sending emails. I wanted someone to help me with strategic decisions I was coming across in my business as I grew. It was overwhelming trying to figure out who to hire and where to start.

And then I can came across Suzanne. The little details that were driving me crazy in social media were no big deal for her. Emails were set up and ready to go like a well oiled machine. But the biggest difference has been her partnership with strategic decision making.

Since hiring Suzanne, I ran my first 3 day free webinar,  became a fully booked coach, launched a membership, have an email funnel, and a freebie. It is because she has the insight and vision for what the next best step is and everything involved in actually doing it. If you are thinking you need help in your business and you have the opportunity work with Suzanne do not wait. It is the single best decision I have made for my business.” 

— Jessica Klasnick (Jessica Klasnick Coaching)

“Since hiring Suzanne, I ran my first 3 day free webinar,  became a fully booked coach, launched a membership, have an email funnel, and a freebie.” 
“She is an essential for me to run my business.” 

“Suzanne and LevelUp Co is incredible. Having her assist me in my business has taken SO MUCH stress off of me. She handles everything, often even before I know it needs to be handled. She is a mind reader, a problem solver, and a time weaver. She is an essential for me to run my business. I don’t know what I did without her.”

— Veronique Vaillancourt (My Perfect Niche)

You don’t have to keep trying to do this alone or with the wrong team.
We care as much as you do.
Let us help.

If you are ready to increase your impact and make more money with a an expert support team that is strategically looking at your business, then book a call with me.